Saturday, May 6, 2017

Title: Fallen Crest Home
Series: Fallen Crest High #6
Author: Tijan

It’s been years since my mother was in my life.
I healed.
I learned to accept love.
I lived.
That’s all done. She was away, and now she’s back.
I avoided her for a year and a half, but I couldn’t hide anymore.
Mason had an internship in Fallen Crest, so we headed back for the summer.
And when we got there—no one was prepared for what happened.


Sam and Mason return to Fallen Crest for the summer, and while they know Sam's mom is back in town, she hasn't made an appearance yet, and Sam is stressed out. Then you add in some more drama from old friends and things start heating up again for them. 

But through it all you have Sam and Mason as strong as ever, or are they? 

This book was okay. I liked it because I love Sam and Mason, but I thought it felt more like a filler book, and a repeat of things that have all ready happened before. 

Then there was a huge bomb dropped at the end, so it ended on a major cliffhanger. Now, i can't wait to read more, but this one wasn't a favorite of mine. 

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