Monday, May 29, 2017

Title: A Demon's Blade
Series: The Desdemona Chronicles #1
Author: C.C. English-Rose

When Mona was six years old, she witnessed the death of her mother… by a Demon. Mona was told what she saw was impossible, but she always knew the truth, nothing would convince her otherwise; not even pesky little things like doctors or psychologists.

It’s been 12 years, 8 foster homes, 5 schools and 2 crappy part-time jobs since then, but now the monsters are back, and they’re everywhere.

Suddenly Mona finds herself in a world which she never knew existed and hunted by a creature like the one plaguing her nightmares.

Luckily, Mona isn’t alone. But will the help of her new friends, be enough to save her?

***Warnings for those with delicate sensibilities***
- It’s a little dark at times; some death, copious amounts of blood.
- Some (okay maybe a lot) of swearing.
- It’s a slow build reverse-harem series. (#whychoose?)


Mona is having some issues, she's been having these issues for a while now, but for some reason this time it seems more really. She thinks she saw some one get murdered, but the body disappeared. Now, when some strange guy comes up to her asking her about it, she knows what she saw was real, and she must learn more about herself. 

However, these guys who are trying to help keep her safe also don't know every secret she is hiding, like a major secret that would probably be really bad for her. However, as she continues trying to figure it all out, things go from bad to worse for Mona. 

This book was utterly fantastic. It was a great start to this series. It introduced the love interests, and the major issues that Mona is going to have right away. I loved that, also she wasn't a helpless heroine at all, she was totally badass and I adored her. I can't wait to read more in this series now! 
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