Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Title: Undead and Unwelcome
Series: Undead #8
Author: MaryJanice Davidson

"Ms. Davidson has her own brand of wit and shocking surprises that make her vampire series on of a kind" (Darque Reviews). And heroine Betsy Taylor has problems that only a suburban vampire-queen housewife could possibly understand, such as...


That's what Betsy is facing when she takes her werewolf friend Antonia's body to Cape Cod, where the Pack resides at Wyndham Manor. Because Antonia died in her service, Betsy is alive and well—and wracked with guilt. She has no idea if the Wyndham werewolves will greet her with fangs or friendship.

While Betsy and her husband, Sinclair, try to make nice, their legal ward, BabyJon, freaks out every werewolf he meets. Meanwhile, Betsy's posse back at the St. Paul mansion is not LOLing. Increasingly frantic e-mails alert Betsy to her half sister's increasingly erratic behavior. Looks like the devil's daughter is coming into her own—and raising hell. All in the name of making Betsy's life easier, of course.


This book begins when Eric, Betsy, Jessica, and the baby must go to the werewolves to take home the one who died. Betsy already feels guilty, and they have no idea what to expect with the Pack. 

Betsy learns some things about her baby brother, and she also ends up impressing the werewolves. However, she still has a lot of trouble coming her way. 

This book was okay. I didn't like the way it switched point of views, that was annoying. Other than that I liked it. But I really don't know what to think about Betsy's sister, and I really hate that that is so unresolved. 

I do look forward to more though.
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