Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Title: Undead and Unpopular
Series: Undead #5
Author: MaryJanice Davidson

This New York Times bestselling author's Undead series is more popular than ever! 

With her birthday coming up, Betsy isn't in the best frame of mind to face the powerful European vampires who have finally come to pay their respects. Playing politics is not her strong suit, especially when she finds out her best friend Jessica may have a life-threatening illness. Sure Betsy can save her life by taking it-isn't that what friends are for?-but the choice isn't in her hands. 

With her fiancé Eric dodging all the wedding plans, Betsy's plate is full-and not with birthday cake. But who has time to pout? Not even a reluctant vampire queen, who is taking it one high-heeled step at a time in MaryJanice Davidson's creative, sophisticated, sexy, and wonderfully witty series.


In this book in the series, Betsy is having visitors from Europe. These vampires don't really feel like she should be Queen, and with Eric not really into wedding planning, Jessica having a life threatening illness, and Jessica's boyfriend being a pain, things just get more complicated for Betsy. 

This book was really good. It had the great humor, and Betsy not being so dimwitted in this one either. 

I really enjoyed the plot line, and all the drama going on as well. I can't wait to read more in this series!
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