Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Title: One More Day
Author: Auryn Hadley

The test results are back, and they say it's cervical cancer. As if that isn't bad enough, getting laid off from her job means Mackenzie can't afford to pay her bills, including the medical ones! She's convinced it's the worst day of her life. Not even meeting that Super Hot Guy from the coffee shop can make it better. Or can it? Ryan has been trying to get the nerve to talk to her for months. Her art is amazing. It's exactly the type of thing he'd like to ink onto his skin forever. For the first time, the beautiful artist wasn't lost in her work. Nope, she was lost in something else. Something that brought tears to those gorgeous eyes. It's the excuse he needs to finally get up the nerve and talk to her. She needs a shoulder, and he's more than willing to give it - plus a job that lets her use her art. Mackenzie never expected to be working in a tattoo parlor, but it will pay the bills, and being around Ryan is pretty nice. Maybe too nice. His shy smiles make her stomach flip, or that could be the chemo. It all comes back to the cancer, so why should she even try? The Super Hot Guy is her boss, and maybe this is as good as her life is going to get... because the cancer's getting worse. Mackenzie may want to protect him, but Ryan isn't going to lose the girl. Not because he's her boss, not because he's too scared to make a move, and he's certainly not going to let some disease screw this up. She thinks the cancer is going to win, but he has other plans. He just needs one more day to prove it, but she may not give him that option. **This book contains some mature situations and is recommended for readers 18+**


Mack just lost her job and found out she has cancer. She ends up running into the hot guy she's seen at her favorite coffee shop the last year. And he ends up offering her a job at his tattoo shop, because she's such a good artist and they need her. But after finding out about her cancer, Mack finally lets her boss know she's sick, and he ends up coming to help her along with another friend. Mack finally gets a new family and maybe a love interest. 

This book is majorly intense, sad, and even funny at times. I really loved the relationship between Mack and her new friends. And I loved the romantic aspect of this story as well. I thought this one was very good, and very well written. It had a wonderful plot line and amazing characters. 
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