Thursday, April 6, 2017

Title: Elf-Shot
Series: Twilight Court #6
Author: Amy Sumida

Seren's heart is in their sights. 
 Moire Thorn, once a Countess of Unseelie, is now a fugitive of the Fairy Realm. Her niece, Princess Seren Firethorn, has made it her mission to find Moire, and bring her to justice. This mission becomes even more imperative when Moire forms an alliance with the elves, using their magical arrows to attack humans. 
As Seren searches for the elusive Thorn in her side, she uncovers shocking truths. Loyalties are questioned, and hearts are challenged. From elf-shot to the arrows of love, it seems that everyone is aiming for Seren. But some wounds make you stronger, and the Twilight Princess is about to discover where her strengths really lie, and how many shots her heart can take. 
 Reverse Harem readers are sure to be thrilled by this latest installment in the Twilight Court Series! Scroll up and snag your copy now!


Seren is having issues again with her human ideas of relationships. Not only that, but it feels like her world is going to war and she can't stop it. Now, she must trust her heart to get her through all of these problems before it is too late. 

This book was very good, even though it went by way too quickly. I really thought the plot was good, and I enjoyed how the characters ended up towards the end as well. I felt like Seren was handling things better in this one and that she's getting stronger, and now I can't wait for more. This book really changed the story, and I'm so looking forward to what Seren does next. 
by ShootingStars Reviews 11:48 AM 2 comments


  1. Oh I heard about this series! I am always looking for more RH and I heard this is the book in the series where it finally takes on the RH trope! glad you liked it!


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