Monday, April 10, 2017

Title: Dragon's Storm
Series: Legion of Angels #4
Author: Ella Summers

The supernatural storm of the century is coming. 

Leda’s quest to gain the magic she needs to save her brother leads her to the castle of the Dragons, home of four soldiers in the Legion of Angels with extraordinary powers over the elements. If she makes it through their training, she might just survive her next sip of the gods’ Nectar and level up her magic. 

But the gods’ gifts of magic come at a price. Leda can already feel the Nectar changing her, making her less human—and so is her budding romance with the angel Nero. Sip by sip, kiss by kiss, the change is taking hold of her. 

As if that’s not enough, Leda finds herself once again caught between the armies of heaven and hell—and tempted by a darkness that threatens to consume the Earth. 

Dragon’s Storm is the fourth book in the Legion of Angels series.


Leda is having issues with the changes she thinks she's making in her life. She isn't sure if Nero and her should be together, but she also can't seem to stay away from him either. And it doesn't help that she's having other issues as well. But when it gets close to time for her to take the last dose of Nector things get even more crazy in her life. 

This book was really good! I was a little frustrate with Leda because of some choices she made, but eventually that got sorted out. I am a little nervous about the relationship between Nero and Leda, I'm worried that he may be forced to marry someone else, but I hope that doesn't happen. 

Overall this book was just as good as previous books, but it had a lot more to do with Leda's romantic relationship than the previous books, and I adored that. Now, I can't wait for more. 
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