Monday, April 10, 2017

Title: Chamaeleon
Series: The Stardust#3.5
Author: Autumn Reed & Julia Clarke

“For the last seven months, my life practically revolved around 'my' guys—they kept me safe, made me laugh, and embraced me as one of their own. And, now, the unimaginable was happening. I was turning my back on the life I created with them. There would be no more duets with Chase, tickle fights with Theo, stargazing with Ethan, running with Knox, relaxing with Jackson, or cooking with Liam. In other words, I was walking away from the place—and the people—that had become my new home.”

“Theo opened his mouth like he was going to say something but then shut it again. The truth was, there was nothing left to say. We had to either compete for her heart or let her go, and both options were incomprehensible. Even if she chose me, could I live with the guilt of knowing I stole her away from my brother and best friends? And, if she chose someone else, would I ever get over her?”


This book was not as good as the previous books in this series, but I still liked it. Haley overhears some things that she shouldn't have and decides to take off on her own and find her dad. But she ends up leaving her heart behind, and the guys are scrambling trying to find her and figure out why she left. There are also some other issues with the team as well, but everyone is mainly focused on Haley. 

I liked this one, but it wasn't great. It felt more like a filler book that kind of lets us know the minds of the guys when it comes to Haley and what their next move will be. I look forward to more in this series now.
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