Sunday, April 30, 2017

Title: Her Mates
Series: Wolf Trials #1
Author: Tamara White

Dani has been hidden from the packs all her life for fear of being found and killed by the same person that murdered her mother but now it’s time to reclaim her title. 
As the future Alpha Queen, she must compete in the trials with her mates to prove she’s worthy to rule her people. She must choose the mate who will be right to lead alongside her but little does she know, her choice will change her whole world. 

Join Dani in this new Reverse Harem novel as she learns about a world she had been kept from. She meets multiple mates and is faced with the impossible choice of choosing one to lead with her as part of the Alpha Pair. 

How can she choose one, when she loves them all? 

This series will be Reverse Harem, meaning one girl with multiple partners.


ARC provided by Author! 

Her Mates begins when Dani and her father move to a new town. She is not expecting to meet other werewolves there, and she's for sure not expecting to meet her mate. But when she does she finally learns the truth about what she is, and what she will have to do.

She not only has one potential mate, but she has six total. And she has to have them compete to become the Alpha Queen, while she has to do her own trials as well. Dani will need to do her best and keep her mates safe even if she can't choose between them. 

This book was very good! I enjoyed the whole plot, and I adored Dani. 
I thought the whole book was very interesting, and I'm looking forward to more. 

However, I was a little bit annoyed with how it seemed like Dani was only allowed one mate, especially when it states in the book that since there are so few females that most others have more than one. It was a bit frustrating putting a limit on the Alpha Queen and drove me nuts. 

And I really didn't like the fact that Dani could boss everyone around, and was more powerful than any wolf alive yet she had to adhere to the "councils" rules. That didn't make sense to me, and it was annoying. 

But now after that cliffhanger-ish ending I'm excited for more! 
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  1. Oh this sounds good! I will have to add it to my TBR! Is it in KU? Cause that would be awesome!


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