Thursday, April 20, 2017

Title: Breathless
Author: Nicola Claire

Determined doctor? Interfering busybody? Fearless fighter?

The London of Anna Cassidy’s memories is not the London she faces today. Having proved her worth as a physician, Dr Cassidy finds herself pitted against the stolid attitude of a male-dominated society.

But it's not only society she has to contend with.

A criminal mastermind has set themselves up in London, England; chosen the dirty streets of Whitechapel and Lambeth as their stage. Competing against a devious and cunning opponent sets Anna and her closest friends off on a dire adventure, which could culminate in a loss so great Anna may never recover again.

Steadfast police inspector? Loyal guardian? Caring lover?

Anna, however, is not alone. Or, at least, she won’t be once Inspector Kelly finds her. Facing the ghosts of his past, Andrew Kelly rushes to face Anna’s enemies and protect the woman he loves.

But Anna is not unable to defend herself.

Proving she needs him is a task Inspector Kelly would gladly undertake. But the city of Andrew's birth is more in the grip of evil machinations than it has ever been, bringing to mind memories of a dark London, ripped to within an inch of its life by a devil known to most simply as Jack.

Andrew knows otherwise. For his secrets are unravelling and within their shadowed corners lies a murderer, a poisoner, and a villain so deceitful that nothing is what it appears to be.

A gritty, twisted, and authentic Victorian romantic suspense, sure to rip you apart... just like old Jack. 

Breathless begins with Anna graduating in London and becoming a doctor. But her cousin Mina is missing, and she's worried it has something to do with Inspector Kelly. While trying to find her cousin, she runs into Andrew Kelly again. The man she loves, but can't have. These two work together again to figure out what has happened to Mina, and what Andrew's wife is doing. 

I liked Anna a whole lot. I adored her will to make something of her self, and to be very strong and independent. I don't however, like Andrew. I hate how he won't "divorce" his wife, but then considers "cheating" on her,  but his honor won't allow him to try to divorce a monster. To me, he's saying he must have feelings for his wife if he's going to stay by her, yet he won't do everything in his power to get rid of her to be with Anna. Because even if they catch her and she goes to "jail" they will still have the same issue. 

This really annoys me, and makes me dislike the story somewhat. Other than that I thought the book was interesting, and I look forward to more. I just hope it changes somehow.  
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