Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Title: Keeper
Series: First Ordinance #2
Author: Connie Suttle

"Finder—Quin—when did you find your voice?" Sofi asked. 

"I have had it many years," I said with a sigh. "When it came, I was too afraid to speak." 

"You knew too much," Wolter nodded. 

"Too much," I agreed. 

Siriaa, already in its death throes, is further damaged by a ruthless politician and a rogue wizard. Quin needs powerful help to save it. 

Does such a power exist? 

If so, will it answer her call?


Keeper begins with others fining out Quin has a voice now and powers. She must help to try to save her planet, and the people in it before it is too late. However, she must have help along the way to do it. Quin also has some male friends to help her along the way as well. 

This one was okay. I felt the story was slightly boring in this one and not as great as the first one. I was also a little annoyed with her mate, and how that started to work out. 
I will still read more though. 
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