Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Title: Inseparable
Series: Rise of the Iliri #4
Author: Auryn Hadley

The meeting of allied nations should have been something to celebrate. Instead, Sal dreads what will happen when Dominik Jens, the king of an allied nation, arrives. If her court martial isn't over, he'll hear every last detail about her mission. From her own lips, she'll have to tell him that she was the assassin who made him the King of Anglia. 

Parliament's only option is to disband the Black Blades. Never mind that the elite military unit saved their country over and over. When the iliri's immoral lifestyle is brought to light, one Representative thinks it's proof that the beasts need humans to control them. The rest can only agree. Prejudice has always been stronger than logic. 

The vote is cast. Parliament agrees. The Black Blades are no more. 

But these humans think the war is about them. Distracted by the promise of rare metals and political favor, they've forgotten that the real threat is making its way across the continent. Humans want to tame the iliri. The iliri want to survive. The world is tearing them apart. 


The Black Blades are being disbanded, but now Sal will do what she can to have them stay together and be part of Anglia's citizens. When all of this blows up Sal is stuck in the middle and must do what she can to help her kind and the ones who look to her for help. 

This was another great addition to this series, and I really liked it a lot! I thought the plot was really good, and I enjoyed the characters as well. 

I can't wait for more now, this series if very interesting, and enjoyable. 
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