Saturday, March 4, 2017

Title: Demon's Dream
Series: High Demon #6
Author: Connie Suttle

Reah's mental health is compromised, new enemies appear and Teeg's control of the Campiaan Alliance is threatened. While Reah struggles to regain her health, her mates work to redeem themselves and reclaim her trust. Meanwhile, signs begin to appear—are the god wars imminent? Only time will tell…


This is the final book in this series, and Reah has learned the reason why her mates and everyone else has treated her so badly. And in some ways it has gotten better, but in others it has just gotten worse. Reah may not have as many mates once this is over, and there are several others who will lose their position. 

This book was okay, but not as great as previous books in this series. And I was a little sad about how this one ended. 
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