Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Title: Common
Series: The Lora Fletcher Chronicles #1
Author: Andrea Irving

Lora Fletcher is ordinary. Or so she thought. 

As a commoner, Lora never looked beyond her small life in her village… until she nearly burned down the neighbor’s house. 

Sent to the capitol city all alone, Lora not only needs training as a Wielder, but also as a rare Swordwielder. Unused to the attention this brings, as well as her semi-hidden lowly status, she struggles in her new environment. But friends come along and life suddenly doesn’t seem quite so scary. 

Can she succeed while hiding her common heritage? Will she lose herself in the process? Or is she silly for even worrying? 

This is a mature young adult novel recommended for ages 15+ for sexuality and violence. The content in this book is similar to a PG-13 movie.


Lora is a wielding who needs training, however, she's a commoner and the Lord in her village decides to claim her as his cousin and send her off to learn. Now, Lora is in a whole new world and she can't go back home to her family at all, no matter what. And as time goes on she must hold onto this secret so no one finds out, but it gets harder than she thought. 

This book was interesting, but it wasn't great. I enjoyed it, but Lora got on my nerves every now and then. It was frustrating how she acted, even if it was explained and understood, it was still annoying. 

Other than that I liked the plot line, and I would like to read more. 
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