Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Title: Blackwing
Series: First Ordinance #3
Author: Connie Suttle

Finder, healer, student, teacher, lover, pirate— 

"My life in Gungl began a moon-turn later, when I was finally able to pull myself out of bed without crushing grief slamming into me and causing me to collapse. 

The following day, my plan for revenge against Vardil Cayetes, the man responsible for Siriaa's destruction, began." 

Siriaa has been destroyed at the command of an enraged criminal. The poison infecting that planet has been flung into the universe, landing upon hapless worlds in its path. 

The Orb has dropped Quin onto another world five years in the future, where she is compelled to seek revenge against Vardil Cayetes, the one responsible for Siriaa's destruction. 

From a crumbling, lawless world to one held in the tight fists of a criminal alliance, a disguised Quin searches for her enemy, whose only concern is keeping his life, no matter the cost to others. Quin and another innocent become targets when the enemy learns of the danger they represent. 

Will Cayetes succeed in his assassination attempts? 

Not even the gods can predict the outcome. 


Quin has been sent five years into the future by the orb, but for her it's only been a few months. But, to all of her mates it's been five years, and they all thought her dead. Then they are all glad when they find out she is alive, but are scared of the orb trying to take her away again. Quin must do what she can to avenge her planet, and figure out what the orb is doing to her as well before it is too late. 

This book was okay. I didn't like how it skipped into the future, and I was annoyed with some things that happened with her mates. But, other than that I liked this one, but I probably won't be reading anymore in this series now. 
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