Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Title: Juggernaut
Author: K.S. Adkins



1. A literal or metaphorical force regarded as mercilessly destructive and unstoppable
2. Any terrible force, especially one that destroys or that demands complete self-sacrifice

In other words, me.
I truly was a dancing, singing, man-plowing, alcohol-guzzling, human wrecking ball of fun.
With a reputation for chaos so legendary, I made a career out of it.
Men came (pun intended), men went, but as long as I had my girls and Sunday brunches, I was solid.
I didn’t need a man to complete me. Hell no, I was in total control of my destiny.

But see, that’s where I went wrong.
I challenged the universe. 
It accepted by sending a man who knew my weaknesses.
All it took was lemon drops, one kiss and a wish.
By granting it, I doomed us both. 
No mortal man could handle my kind of destruction forever.
Even if he begged for it.
I was called Juggernaut for a reason.
In my case, be careful what you wish for was very, very, literal.

He really should have listened…


Juggernaut begins with four friends and their lives. But, the one friend who seems to never settle down, and is constantly wild, finally gets a man who seems to hate her, but is trying to win her over. She doesn't understand why he's doing this, and he's just trying to make her his no matter how he does. 

This book was filled with hilarious scenes, some sad, some happy, and some downright odd, but that's the beauty of this book, it's not normal. The relationship between Van and Taylor is awesome. 

But, the relationship between Taylor and her four friends is utterly amazing! I could only dream of having friends like this, and it's wonderful to read about them. 

I'm look forward to more from this author because she did it again with this awesome book that will hook with the first line, and you will sink the rest of the way through the book! 
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