Sunday, February 12, 2017

Title: A Step into the Dark
Series: Ollie Wit #1
Author: Donna Augustine

Ollie Wit is the strongest Shadow Walker born in decades but it’s a gift with a steep price. 

Walking in the Shadowlands can bring untold powers and spells, and even greater risks. Every step into that other world brings her closer to the monsters that have haunted her since a child, destroyed her family and wreaked havoc all around her. 

Kane knows Ollie is the key to getting the spell he needs and he’s the answer to ending her torment. But it’s a bargain that brings her closer to her own destruction. Even if she succeeds, will she be able to walk away from the newfound power that comes with walking in the Shadowlands? 


Ollie Wit just lost her family a month ago, and she knows it is due to the monsters she sees, but no one else sees them. Her shrink thinks she's nuts, and just wants her to be better, so she tries to make them all think she's fine, and normal. But, when someone instructs her to come work for him, and that he knows what she is, things get even more crazy for her. 

Now, as she starts to learn this new world, secrets come out, but some are also trying to keep Ollie in the dark. 

This book was a great start to this series. I thoroughly enjoyed Ollie, and her brand of humor, and how strong she was. I loved the relationship between Ollie and Kane as well. It was great reading about them, and how I can totally see them ending up together. 

I will say towards the end it seemed to end rather abruptly without much details into the plot other than a few major things. 

Other than that, I thought this book was really good. I enjoyed this world that the author created, and I look forward to more! 
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