Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Title: Out of the Ashes
Series: Sons of Templar MC #3
Author: Anne Malcom

Living a life in darkness causes the soul to char to ash. Battling demons by turning himself into a monster is the only way he can survive...the only way he can keep a grip on sanity. That grip is precarious at best, every day is a silent battle with demons that threaten to yank him into the truest form of darkness, the abyss he’ll never escape. Then it happens. Light shines through the cracks.

Happiness. Mia Spencer’s life is full of it. She has an amazing new job, friends, family, and the light of her life - her daughter Lexie. Running from the demons of the past, escaping a hell that she vowed Lexie would never know about, she worked through hardship and near poverty to create something she was proud of. Buried deep inside, underneath the swell of love she had for her only daughter, were the fractured pieces of her. Pieces that were smashed and battered when she was young and vulnerable. 

Then she meets Bull, who seems to hate her on sight. He screams danger, from his huge physique, to his beautiful ink, to the motorcycle club he belongs to. He is silent, his glares threaten to burn her into flames, yet she finds herself falling for him. Finds this broken man slowly fixing the pieces she thought would stay shattered forever.


Mia and her daughter move to a new town for her to start a new job. They each make new friends, and maybe even a new family. But, Mia never thought she would be so attracted to her neighbor, and on top of that he's part of the club that seems to have "adopted" her and her daughter. 

However, Bull has some major issues, and he can't let Mia get close. But, when her daughter pushes her way past his walls, and he can't stay away from Mia any longer things get really complicated. 

Mia and Bull must figure out if love is really worth the risk before it is too late. 

This book was utterly amazing! So far, the best of this series. I adored this book. 
It had a wonderful story line that keeps you guessing, and has you hanging on by a thread wondering what's going to happen next. 

Then you have Mia and Lexie who are freaking amazing! These two have a wonderful relationship and they bring something new and bright to this series. Then you add in both of their relationships with Bull, and you've got a wonderful story that sucks you in and won't let you go. 

There were only two downsides to this book, one something that happens towards Mia and Bull, but that gets fixed. 
Two, the issue with Lexie and her boyfriend. That about drove me nuts, and I'm not sure if I want to read her book. But I probably will! 

I'm looking forward to more in this series now. 
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