Saturday, February 18, 2017

Title: More than a Werewolf
Series: Shifty #1
Author: Sara Summers

"My name is Leah, and I never planned on finding the other half of my soul at 19 years old. I didn’t think I’d end up co-leading a pack of wolves with said soulmate, either, but as a wolf shifter, I guess I shouldn’t have bothered planning my future anyway." 

Being raised to believe she was a member of the lesser gender in a world where humans and shifters coexist in peace, Leah is determined to change her people's culture. She'll give up anything to do so--even the other half of her soul, if that's what it takes to make a difference. 

Unfortunately for her, the other half of her soul is a stubborn Alpha, and he isn't nearly as ready to let her go as she is ready to let go of him. 

Between fighting off shifters and discovering what it really means to be someone's mate, something will change, and it's not the world. 

About the Shifty Series: 

11 girls... 11 stories. 

What happens in a world where humans and shifters live together in peace? Well... a lot, actually. In this series, you'll get just a glimpse of it. 

Each of these ladies is fighting for love and for change in their lives and the world around them. The books each stand on their own as every girl tells her story, and don't have to be read in any sort of order to be enjoyed. With a new love story and happily ever after in each book, this series will show you a new way to view shifters, one you may not have ever considered before. 


More than a Werewolf begins with Leah finally finding her mate and the other half of her soul. The problem is, however, she doesn't want to be treated how most female shifters are treated, which is to say, not equally. So, she does her best to resist the mate pull, but that doesn't seem to matter, and her mate keeps showing up around her. 

This book wasn't great, but it was okay. I liked the overall idea of the story line, but I felt like the actual execution was lacing. I did like the heroine, and I liked the hero sort of. But, I felt like there wasn't much between them, and I also didn't enjoy how the heroine was trying to change everything, but she really didn't do much to have it changed. 

Other than that this was a nice story to pass the time with. 
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