Thursday, February 9, 2017

Title: Little Black Dress
Author: Sarah O'Rourke, Layla Frost, Sarah Curtis & Brynne Asher! 

There’s something about the little black dress. The go-to wisp of material that’s perfect for any occasion. The quintessential LBD hugs, stretches, and moves with the female form. Every woman needs one at some point, and sometimes that means borrowing from a friend.

Starting with Abby, this lucky LBD makes its way into the stories of Lucy, Katie, and Winnie right when they need it most.
Four women, four stories, and four happily ever afters…
And it all started with one little black dress.

Warning: Keep your hands off our Little Black Dress if you're not 18. 


This book is filled with four different stories about four different woman who end up passing a Little Black Dress around to each other. They each need something good to happen to them and hopefully this little dress will give them luck. 

This book was awesome! It's like Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants except for adults, and way more fun. Each of these girls has a different story all the way from already being married, to partners at work and much more. 

I thought this book was really good. It had a great story for each girl, and they ended with an hea. And of course, it had a little sexy time too. And it also had a little magic called the Little Black Dress! 
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