Thursday, February 9, 2017

Title: Club Justice
Series: Trinity Falls #1
Author: Mara McBain

Frustrated by a system that binds his hands yet frees those that prey on the innocent, Detective Zeke Brawer pushes the law to the letter and beyond. His shooting of a serial rapist brings him under Internal Affairs investigation, and makes him the target of a personal vendetta that threatens his career, family, and the motorcycle club he loves. 

“CLUB JUSTICE” is a tale of justice, brotherhood, and family, and one man's struggle to stay true to each."


Club Justice begins with Zeke having some issues at work. He's being accused of killing a suspect unfairly, and an internal investigation is underway. However, the man running the investigation has it in for Zeke, and things are going to get difficult soon. 

Add in the fact that not only is Zeke a cop, but also the president of a the local motorcycle club and it all gets a little bit crazy. 

I'm going to start off by saying that I liked the first half of this book for the most part. It was pretty interesting, and I enjoyed the characters. 

But, then towards the middle and the rest it shifted, and I just couldn't stand it any longer. 

Spoiler Alert: 

There is cheating in the book. It doesn't really happen now, but it happened years ago, and that was dumb. It also doesn't exactly say that it doesn't happen anymore either, the characters just say that the hero is no saint, like that explains it. 

This pisses me off about motorcycle club books, because in my opinion if a man can be loyal to his club brothers, than he should damn sure better be loyal to his wife or old lady as well. 

And to top it all off it was frustrating that the characters couldn't really figure out who the "bad" guy was towards the end. And then you add in all the drama with that kid, and it just made me dislike the book. But, the cheating really threw me especially since the hero and heroine act so in love. If they've been in love for so long then why did he cheat? To me, that just didn't make sense, and it was annoying. 
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