Monday, February 20, 2017

Title: Blood Queen
Series: Blood Destiny #6
Author: Connie Suttle

"Thousands of Copper Ra'Ak fought throughout Veshtul, killing many as they lashed out, or crushing others as they crawled along. Screaming Comesuli ran before them, desperate to escape the deadly creatures. In the distance, Dragon's roar sounded as he fought off one of the monsters. Three other Dragons fought beside him; I saw them as they charged their prey—a Black Dragon, a Silver Dragon and a Gold Dragon. Others were fighting Ra'Ak as well; a Black Gryphon fought alongside a huge Snow Leopard. Giant birds swept the sky, screaming in anger as Ra'Ak leapt at them, attempting to sink rows of deadly teeth into feathered flesh."

Lissa has been transported 300 years into the future, to save the High Demon world and the Saa Thalarr. But what she doesn't understand is that they aren't the only things she is meant to protect. The balance—and survival of all worlds rests in her hands.


Lissa has been taken 300 years into the future, and everyone thinks she's dead. She saved the High Demon world, and now everyone she loves either forgot her, or died many years ago. 

But, Lissa will do everything she can to get back to how she was, even if she does battle with being depressed, anger, and a whole lot of hurt. 

This book totally changed this series around. Not only was it horrible sad as well as terrifying, it was also very awesome. 

I loved that it changed the series so much. She not only has new and old love interests, she's finding out what she's truly destined for, and what she will have to do now. 

This book was very good, and I look forward to more in this series. 
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