Monday, February 20, 2017

Title: Blood Domination
Series: Blood Destiny #4
Author: Connie Suttle

"To whom are you taking her?" Merrill asked, uncharacteristically curious.

"Dragon," Griffin grinned. I stared at Griffin, my mouth surely open in surprise. Dragon? There was somebody named Dragon? That didn't sound promising. Who named their kid Dragon?

Xenides has witnessed Lissa's talents first-hand and now he is desperate to find her. After all, under his compulsion, Lissa can topple governments and bring any race to its knees.

Wlodek understands Xenides' motives all too well. As a result, he looks to hide Lissa in perhaps the most unusual place of all....


Lissa is being taken to a whole new world, where she meets new vampires, and a new race as well. In this new world she helps out the people in it, and makes some new friends, and really comes into her own in this one. The vampires and other people in this book treat Lissa with respect, and let her take care of things herself. 

But, she knows she was sent here for a reason, and she understands that the vampires back home probably didn't expect her to get up to so much trouble here, but that's what happens. 

This book was really good. It brought in a crazy new aspect to the series, and really showed how crappy Lissa is being treated back home. I loved the new people she met, and I really enjoyed everything that happened in this one. 

I'm a little nervous about this cliffhanger ending though. 
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