Friday, February 3, 2017

Title: Skeletons of Us
Series: Unquiet Mind #2
Author: Anne Malcom

Love can be a beautiful thing. 
It can fill up your life with the warmth of its embrace and spread to every corner of your mind. 
It can quiet your soul. 
But when that love turns wrong, it warps into something bitter and unrecognizable. 
The pain of it promises unyielding noise in place of that half-remembered silence. 
Lexie has lived with this pain for four years, pouring it into music that transformed Unquiet Mind into the most famous rock band in the world. 
But fame can also turn ugly, twist into that bitter version of love and endanger everything Lexie holds dear. 
The moment Lexie’s life is threatened, he comes back to ensure she stays breathing. 
He’s not just back to save her life, he’s back to save her soul and to claim what’s his. 
Problem is, someone else already considers Lexie his, and he’ll kill to make sure she stays that way.

Note: This is the book two of two. It is highly recommended to read Echoes of Silence first.


Skeletons of Us is the sequel to the first book in this series, and it was a lot better than the first one to me. 

In this one, Lexie's in a lot of danger, and when the club finds out Killian will do everything in his power to keep her safe, and get her back in his life. He's finally seeing the damage he did to her four years ago, and he's kicking himself for hurting her so much. 

And Lexie doesn't trust Killian, she's so scared to get hurt again, but she also can't seem to stay away from him either. These two must figure out what they truly want before Lexie's stalker gets the better of them. 

This book was actually sad at times. I felt bad for both Lexie and Killian. Even though I was mad at both of them for how they acted at times, I still was glad how the story turned out. And I enjoyed how this book was a mix of both of their lives, and how they can make it work together. I also loved what Killian was willing to do to be with Lexie. And Lexie just wanted him, nothing else. That was truly beautiful. 

I will say how Lexie acted the first part of the book was understandable, but when she continued like that, that was majorly annoying and I felt like the switch flipped way to quickly, but I still liked how it turned out in the end.  Overall, this one was pretty good. 
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