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Today's guest is a new(ish) author to me. I've only read a few of her books, and I'm looking forward to reading more. 

See more for her interview, TWO teasers, and some awesome pictures of her writing day, and her little furry friend. 

Please welcome,

Sarah Curtis will share her Day In the Life of An Author with us below, be prepared to laugh, and have fun!

Good morning!  Just kidding, I never think it's a good morning.  I'm NOT a morning person.  Just ask my hubby who, after 30 years of marriage, knows not to speak to me until I've had at least one cup of coffee.  And speaking of coffee, I drink it all day and into the night with a few Red Bulls added to keep things interesting.  I'm nothing if not caffeinated at all times.
So, my day starts with me rolling out of bed between 7 or 8 am--no kids to wake up to get ready for school anymore *big grin*.  I stumble to the coffee pot to pour my first cup of the day and head to my office where I plop my ass onto my comfortably padded chair, flip open my laptop and...
Okay, now here's the part where you're thinking, finally, we get to see what an author does, and you wouldn't be wrong, I...  
Surf Facebook and Goodreads for the next two hours (come on, you really didn't think I would jump right into writing without consuming at least another cup of coffee, did you)?
At about 10-ish, I start to feel guilty about all the time I'm wasting and decide I better get to work.  
*For those that are wondering, yes, I'm still in my jammies--leggings and a T-shirt with a sweatshirt added in the winter.  At some point, I will shower, but the exact time varies due to motivation.*
Pulling up my word doc, I read what I wrote the day before to get me in the groove then start writing.
I'd love to say I'm a highly organized writer, but I'm not (as you can tell by the state of my desk).  I have ideas of how I want my book to go semi-mapped out in my head, but most of the time, my characters have a mind of their own and lead me in directions I would never have thought to go.  After I finish a chapter, I send it to my alpha reader who gets grumpy if I don't send her chapters fast enough, so she kind of keeps me in line (which I seriously need).
I'm a little odd, needing total silence while I write.  I have a hard time blocking outside noise (which I find strange as I have no problems blocking out my hubby while reading *smirk*).  Music is also a huge distraction since I love to sing along and would get absolutely no writing done.
Jojo, my furry friend, comes to visit me throughout the day either poking her head through the door or to prowl around on my desk.  She likes to walk across my keyboard which can create some very unusual sentences.
At what I consider mid-day--around 4 or 5--I take a time out for food.  I eat mostly big salads, not because they're healthy--as by the time I'm finished adding tons of cheese and salad dressing, they are not--but because I love them.  I eat watching shows I've DVRed--Supernatural, Lucifer, I'm a Food Network junkie.
Then it's back to my office for a few more hours.  I'll admit I'm pretty lazy after I eat, so I don't get a whole lot more done, but I will manage to hit up FB and GRs one more time.
Yay, now it's time to climb back in bed.  I'll spend the next couple of hours reading.  I love anything romance and like a wide variety of sub-genres--PNR, erotica, even a little M/M, but my main diet is contemporary romance.  I'm a sucker for it.  
My lids start to get heavy, and I fight their pull, trying to read to the end of my current chapter, but it's a losing battle.  I fall asleep, my Kindle in its usual spot beside me on my pillow.  Good night :D

Enchanting (An Alluring Novella)
Hand on the doorknob, she slowly opened it a crack.  The sight before her made her temporarily forget her state of undress.  Max in a suit was scrumptious, but Max in a pair of worn blue jeans, fitted T-shirt, and black leather jacket was pure sin.
 She wasn't sure how long she stared. 
 Long enough to have him asking, "Are you going to let me in?"
 "I need to get dressed."
 He tried to peer through the crack, but she knew he couldn't see her well.  Her living room was dark, having turned all the lights off to watch her movie, so the only light came from the parking lot a floor below and the weak glow of the moon.
 "Are you naked?" His face was in shadows, but she heard a note of mischievousness in his voice and saw a flash of white teeth indicating a smile.
 "Well, no, not totally, but I do need to put on some pants."
 "Go.  I'll give you a ten-second head start before I come in."
 "What if it takes me longer than ten seconds to reach my bedroom?"
 "Then I'll be getting a glimpse of a very fine ass."
 Steph shut the door with a click, buying herself a few precious seconds then darted for her room.  Her apartment was small, and she actually didn't need the full time allotted, but damn if she was taking any chances.
 Making haste, she snatched the first pair of black leggings her fingers encountered from her dresser drawer.  Not caring they were an older pair with questionable white fuzz balls and broken Lycra strings covering the surface, she stretched them over her legs, doing a little shimmy-dip to get them past her hips and up over her ass. 
 She opened another drawer and pulled out a bra.  No, she wasn't going back out there braless.  She kept her heat low to keep the cost of her bill down and even in a big, baggy T-shirt, she wasn't taking a chance of flashing Max her perky nipples.
 She knew she wasn't gone long, only a few minutes, but Max had already made himself comfortable on the couch, helping himself to a slice of pizza.  "Can I offer you a drink to help wash down my pizza?"
 He gave her a grin not looking the least contrite.  "I'll take a beer if you've got one."
 She returned, open beer bottle in hand, holding it out for him.  He pointed to the TV with his pizza slice.  "What are we watching?"
 "I'm watching a movie you wouldn't be interested in."  She walked around the back of the couch—as opposed to in front of the coffee table where he could watch her every move—and resumed her corner of the sofa. 
 Now that she'd had a solid ten minutes to recover from his unexpected visit, the questions she should've asked at his arrival came flying out of her mouth.
 "What are you doing here, Max?  Wait.  First, tell me how you even know where I live and how you got my phone number?"
 He popped the last bite of his slice in his mouth, rubbing his hands together while chewing, swallowing it down with a long pull of his beer.  He flashed his pearly whites, giving her an evil smirk.  "Let's just say, I know where you work and have my ways of extracting information."
 She gave him a beady-eyed stare but could tell from his expression he wouldn't be giving away any of his secrets.  Fine.  Moving on.  "Then tell me why you're here."
 He turned to her, his brandy eyes pinning her in place with an unbreakable stare.  "I didn't want you spending Christmas alone."
 She eyed him with a firm look of her own.  Probably not as effective as his steely one but was sure it packed a bit of a punch, all the same.  "So you're here out of pity?"
 He leaned closer, placing one hand on the cushion beside her hip, the other on the armrest behind her.  Her legs, bent at the knee and pressed against her chest, her only defense to his intimacy.  "I'm here because I haven't been able to get you out of my head since the first minute I saw you.  And hoped you'd take pity on me and not turn me away on Christmas."
 He advanced closer and she swallowed, forcing herself to stay motionless and not inch away, not wanting to show weakness or let it known how much his proximity affected her.  "So you're here for sex?"
 Her words not only stopped his advance, but he even retreated a few inches.  Wordlessly he scanned her features.  She watched his jaw flex, and his already heated eyes turned molten.  Edging back farther, giving her space, he leaned his side into the back of the couch, draping an arm along its back, resting his other hand on her bent knee.
 "What about my words made you think I was only after a fuck?"  Her eyes drifted over his shoulder, and he gave her knee a squeeze, gaining her attention.  "Yes, I think you're beautiful, and I would be crazy if I didn't want to fuck you, but that's not all I want from you.  I want to spend time with you, get to know you."
 "I don't do relationships."  Was that her voice that sounded so defensive?
 He shrugged, leaned forward, grabbed a slice of pizza from the box, and handed it to her.  "Call it what you want.  But when I want something I go after it and never give up until I get it."
 Was that a warning?  A threat?  "I think I'd rather just fuck," she mumbled, taking the slice from his hand.
 He chuckled, snagging another piece of pizza for himself before picking up the remote.  He leaned back, putting his booted feet on the coffee table then said, "For now, I'm here to eat pizza, drink a beer, and watch a movie with a beautiful woman."  He speared her with a look so intense it belied his next words.  "Nothing more."
 He clicked the remote, the opening music drowning out anything she wanted to say.  Not that she knew what she wanted to say.  His eyes moved to the TV and hers followed suit, soon getting lost in the movie.
 Eating pizza, drinking wine, watching a beautiful love story with an even more beautiful man sitting beside her, turned out to be a pretty good Christmas after all.

Little Black Dress (An Anthology)
Kiss Me, Katie

Ethan wiped his mouth with his napkin again then took a sip of his soda.   He'd never known Katie to be nervous about anything.  To say he was intrigued by what she had to say would be an understatement.  "Right," he drawled.  
 "Okay, I'll just spit it out then."  She gave him a cute, nervous smile that went straight to his dick.  He shifted in his seat and took another long pull of his soda.  
 "You know I meet my parents once a month for family dinner, right?"  At his nod, she continued.  "Well, since I've joined the force, they've been on a mission to see me settled down.  Get married, have babies, you know, the whole nine yards, in the hopes I'd give up my career in law enforcement."
 He gave her a questioning look.  "They don't like that you're a cop?"  He knew they were a bit overprotective—calling her every week, family dinners once a month, making her brother check on her all the time.  He'd never seen an issue with it, liking the fact her family cared enough to keep tabs on her.  But he never knew they didn't approve of her career.
 Katie sighed.  "No.  They think it's too dangerous.  My mother swears I've given her ulcers.  Anyway, the last few months they've grown more determined, even going so far as inviting a blind date for me."
 "What?"  He felt his left eye twitch and the paper cup he clutched dented under his fingers.  He eased his hold before the lid popped off, spilling soda everywhere.
 "I know, right?" she laughed, misunderstanding his reaction of anger for amazement.  Seeming more at ease, she picked up her taco and took a bite.  Talking with her mouth full, she said, "So, I had this idea.  I thought if you came with me on Friday to family dinner and I introduced you as my boyfriend, they'd back off."
 He wished she would look at him, but she was fully absorbed in her taco.  Not that he blamed her, they were that fucking good.  
 He remained silent until she finally looked at him.  "Just for pretend," she stressed, mistaking his silence for hesitancy.
 He ground his back teeth.  "Pretend.  Right."  The last thing he wanted was to be her pretend anything.  He wanted the real thing, damn it.
 She gave him a weak smile.  "So, will you do it?  It would just be the one night.  Next month I'll still say we're dating, but I can get you out of dinner by telling them you're busy or something," she said with a nonchalant wave of her hand.
 At first, the thought of being Katie's pretend boyfriend pissed him off.  But the more he thought the idea through, he saw its advantages, thinking it just may be the "in" he'd been looking for.  "Yeah, I'll do it."  He leaned into her personal space—a boundary he'd never quite breached before—bringing his lips close to her ear.  He felt her warm, soft breath hit the side of his face as he whispered, "You know, we'll have to be pretty convincing for your parents to believe us."
 Her warm breath fluttered against his cheek as she answered him with a choppy, "What do you mean?"
 They were in public and knew he should be mindful of PDA but couldn't resist putting his hand back on her thigh.  However, this time, he slid it up her leg, only stopping when he felt the heat from her pussy.  Her breathing grew harsh, and he felt an evil smile tug at his lips.  "I mean, I'll need to touch you."  His voice was a hoarse whisper.  "Maybe even kiss you."  He deliberately let his lips graze her ear.  "Do you think you can pretend to like it?"  
 He liked that he had her flustered, but he didn't want to push too hard, too fast.  Leaning back out of her space, he resumed eating, picking up his taco and taking a healthy bite.  He watched from the corner of his eye as she took a long pull of her soda, and he fought back a grin.
 "I um..." She cleared her throat and took another sip from her straw.  "I think I can manage that."
 He didn't look at her as he ate the last of his tacos, pretending what had just transpired didn't have an effect on him.  When in reality, he was so hard he wasn't sure how he would hide it when he needed to stand to leave.
 Hoping to pull his mind from the gutter, he asked, "What time should I pick you up on Friday?"  They had Thursdays and Fridays off because they worked the weekends.
 "Pick me up?"
 "Yeah, your parents would expect your boyfriend to pick you up and bring you to dinner."
 She nodded, still seeming a bit out of it.  Good.  That meant he affected her, too.  "You're right.  I guess I hadn't really thought things all the way through."  
 Well, he'd thought them all the way through.  All the way to her waking up in his bed the following morning.
 "I'm supposed to meet them at Rocky's at six."
 He nodded, taking the last sip of his soda and tossing the empty cup on the tray.  "I'll pick you up at five-thirty."


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