Monday, January 2, 2017

Title: That Girl
Series: That Girl #1
Author: H.J. Bellus

This book is about That Girl...

The girl who leaves behind her past, including her name; runs away from home and vows to never let another identity claim her again. Broken dreams, an abusive step-dad and ugly memories from her childhood are the only shattered remnants that have the ability to haunt her. 

With no money, an endless blank slate laying ahead of her and no hopes for the future, she sets out to survive at minimum wage jobs, moving from town to town, changing her name with each move, and never allowing glimpses of her past to threaten her empty future. 

Average in every way, from her looks to her personality and even her style, there is not much to remember about her. When she abandons one town for another, she leaves behind her fake identity in the search of the next one, while leaving people asking themselves, “I wonder what ever became of that girl.”

This was her reality until Lincoln Wilks.

The number one defensive football player in Fort Collins who finally names That Girl.


That Girl begins when a girl who has lived a horrible 18 years is finally set to run away from those that have hurt her. In the process she ends up hurting her best friend, and the only person to ever care for her, but she must do what she can to get away from it. As she travels getting far from where she grew up things start looking better and better for her. 

That is until she ends up in a new town where a man won't leave her alone, and she can't keep from being attracted to him. However, she's learned that she can't trust anyone no matter what. But, as she continues life with this man coming around more and more she starts to feel maybe she can trust again. And maybe, just maybe, she will have a name again as well. 

This book totally blew me away! I was expecting some cheesy contemporary romance, but that is not what I got at all! I really enjoyed this book. 

It had a great plot line, with very likable characters as well. I adored the heroine with her no name issues, and the hero with his will to fight for her no matter what. 

This was a great start to this series, and I really enjoyed it! 
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