Sunday, January 8, 2017

Title: CW Boys: The Beginnings
Author: C. Shell

I was always told that school was a piece of cake.
In and out, stay out of trouble, get your degree, and begin your life. It should have been that easy, but that didn't happen for me. I never got the chance to enjoy all the "Firsts" that come with high school thanks to the Collingswood Boys. I knew Dex and Nate were trouble from the start. Nothing scared them. No one questioned them. They ruled our school with an iron fist. All the guys wanted to be them and the girls fought to be beneath them.
Both feared and loved, they were like Gods in our tiny town.
They pushed themselves into my life, embedded themselves into my thoughts, and just when I thought they couldn't do anymore damage, they found a way. They stole my heart.

This is my story.
This is how it all began.

*This book contains sexual situations and adult language that is not suitable for readers under 18.


Addison and her twin brother end up becoming best friends with the CW boys. These boys aren't people you want to mess with, and they have included Addison into their group. 

But, when high school hits and things between Addison and Dex start to drastically change, they are all in for a rude awakening. 

Dex has been around the block a few times with girls, and one of them won't get it into her head that enough is enough, so she goes after Addison. 

And Addison has more issues to deal with like how she feels about Dex, and her dad coming back into town. 

This book was actually very good. I enjoyed the plot line, and I really like the relationship between Dex and Addison. 

I also loved the relationship between Addison, her brother, and the CW boys. 
That was awesome! 

Now, there were a few things that were annoying about the book, like Dex being a major player, and some of the editing. But, none of that really deviates from the goodness of the story. So, overall it was pretty good! 
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