Saturday, January 7, 2017

Title: Bent Not Broken
Series: Ceder Creek #1
Author: Julia Goda

Life has taught Ivey Jones early on that with trust come pain and betrayal. Out of survival she has created walls around her to keep anyone from getting too close. Though she lives in her dream house in the Rocky Mountains and loves being the owner of the town's quirky little bookstore Serendipity, her life is narrow and governed by strict rules that she never deviates from…until Cal Bennett enters her life. 

For the past nine years Calvin “Cal” Bennett has stayed away from Ivey, thinking she deserved better than to be saddled with a single dad who has never been good at relationships. Until a few chance encounters show him what he’s been missing and he can’t stay away any longer. 

Little does he know he’s got a fight on his hands that he might not be equipped to win. Shadows from Ivey's past lurk in the dark, ready to strike and bring her low once and for all. But Cal swears he will do whatever it takes to break through that wall of steel to win Ivey’s heart and keep her safe.


Ivey has been through a lot in her life, and the past nine years she's tried her best to keep everyone at a distance. But, when the local lady at the coffee place decides to lay into her about not really living, Ivey decides that maybe she's right. Maybe it is time to open up to her best friend, but she can't have a relationship. 

Cal on the other hand has finally pulled his head out of his butt, and decided that Ivey is his. So, he will do everything he can to make her believe it too. 

Bent Not Broken was a really good read. I was super surprised by it. 
The plot line was very interesting and kept me guess throughout the story. 

Then the characters were awesome as well. I loved Ivey and Cal, and I loved them together as well. I also really liked Cal's son too. 

This book was really cute, sweet, and pretty awesome. 
by Shooting Stars Reviews 7:54 AM 2 comments


  1. I really liked this story as well!!! Actually, her other books are pretty good as well. And Cal's son was the BEST!

  2. Totally agree! I'm looking forward to some more of this authors books.


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