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Welcome to Shooting Stars Reviews new segment!
A Day In The Life Of…
This will soon be a weekly issue on the blog with different interviews from different people in that category.

This week’s category is..

A Day In The Life Of..

An Author!

And our honored guest is an author I absolutely adore!
She’s written many wonderful series between YA and NA. She makes these characters stand out more than any other characters, and her heroes are to die for.

Please welcome,
Let's get this party started! 
First off, let's begin with how you start your day, then your middle, and finally your end of the day. 

TIJAN: Beginning of my day: It always varies, but lately it’s been me getting up, letting my dog outside, giving him some food, heating up coffee, and then I’m in my office. I check messages/email, and if I’ve got the energy, I start writing.

Middle of the day: This always depends as well. Sometimes I run errands, sometimes I hang out with my hubby, and sometimes I’m just starting to write. If I had a good writing time in the morning, then I’d run errands at this time.

End of the night: I watch a couple television shows (
Suits, The 100, Walking Dead, Dateline!), exercise a few days a week, and spend time with family. Then, later at night, I’m on the computer writing. This week has primarily been writing for me, but I usually only write two different times a day. I’ve been glued to the computer this last week, though.

Do you listen to music while writing? What kind of music?

TIJAN: Oh yes! This is a must for me.

I love moody indie or folk music. I love EDM too, some fast paced ones too. It’s really whatever helps me connect with the characters.

I listen to Bunt. Phillip Phillips. Kaskade. Avicii. Natalie Taylor. Timmy Trumpet. Alpine Universe. I have lots! Here’s my spotify name:

Is there a certain chair you use? 
And is there a special type of clothing you wear?

TIJAN: I’ve got a big huge office desk chair!

Nope. Just whatever I’m comfortable in. (Usually sweats and a tanktop, or a sweatshirt.)

Do you need a pen and paper?
TIJAN: Nope, just my computer.

Is there a certain type of drink you drink while writing? Do you use a certain type of cup?
TIJAN: Coffee is a must for me! Water. Randomly, I’ll have a glass of wine at night, but not often. It’s usually coffee for me. Every day coffee. 😉
Yes! Well, just recently. I bought a big coffee cup that says Shine Always. It’s my favorite. I love cute mugs that are big!
(Cup in the picture above!)

Tijan was nice enough to let us bother her today, she took some time out of her very important writing to have this interview with us. And boy, are we all very grateful! 

Thank you for joining us Tijan, and we look forward to your next book release coming soon! 
That's right everyone, Cole will be here February 27th! I've provided the links below along with the cover! Be sure to check out Tijan's latest book! 
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Amz kindle: WILL GO LIVE 2/27!
Amazon Paperback:

Tijan also shared with us a little teaser of what she is currently working on. Keep reading to view it! 
(This is not edited, so you’ve been warned! 😉 )

“Give me your phone.”
I lowered my hand, and moved back a step. “Why?”
“I live off-campus. You’re not going to able to look me up in the school directory.”
I scowled. “Was that an insult? I have to live in the dorms. It’s school policy, remember?”
“It wasn’t an insult, but we have to exchange numbers.”
“Why don’t you just call me when you need to get ahold of me?”
Again. He didn’t blink. “Because I don’t trust that you’ll actually answer.”
He had a point.
“I’ll look you up on Facebook or Snapchat.”
“No, you won’t. Give me your goddamn phone.”
I felt it being pulled out of my pocket and I was too late. Kristina wore a smug grin as she quickly coded in my password, then handed it over. “Here. It’s all ready for you.”
“Hey!” I tried to grab it, but Shay moved in, blocking me out with his back. I ended up pressing up against him instead, and bit back a growl. It was like he was an athlete or something in how quick he moved. My hands rested against his back, and I felt his muscles tense there, shifting under his shirt. He took the phone, typing in his information as he grinned over his shoulder. “Feel free to explore more. I won’t turn down a quick grope.”
I pulled my hands back like I’d been burned. I shifted to the right, but he moved with me. He continued to block me out before finishing and handing the phone back to Kristina. “Thank you for the assist.”
Her smug grin turned full Cheshire Cat. “You’re welcome.” She held her hand out. “Kristina Collins.”
He shook it, starting, “Shay Co--”
“--Coleman.” She laughed. “Trust me. My roommate and friends are fully aware of who you are.”
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  1. I loved this! I would love to see more of this segment.

  2. Tijan, You're very welcome! Thank you so much for participating! :)

  3. EEEKKKK!!! Tijan is a favorite of mine and I totally fan girl over her books! I can't wait for Cole!

  4. Samantha, me too! I love her. Thanks for stopping by!


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