Sunday, December 11, 2016

Title: Serendipity's Daughter
Series: Child of Fate #1
Author: Katherine Davis

From the new author, Katherine Davis, read the first book of the brand new Child of Fate series, Serendipity's Daughter. 

Life for Kismet Jones has never been easy. Not only is she an unwanted orphan reduced to working as a servant in the orphanage of Wicker Hill, she's suspected of being a Changeling - a fae child smuggled illegally from Fairy through the veil to Earth believed to bring bad luck and curses upon all those around them. The mercy of the orphanage Cook saved her life. A landslide left a set of strange, blue eyed twins orphaned and the young Kismet proved herself useful by taking over their care, mollifying the superstitious villagers a little while longer. 

But time had run out. 

The Academy was coming to Wicker Hill for a Finding for the first time in generations and the magically gifted twins were practically guaranteed acceptance. With them gone, Wicker Hill would have no reason to tolerate a Changeling's presence among them and Kis knew she'd be exiled...or worse. A Changeling at worst, and unregistered blue eyes at best, she had little hope of following her charges into the exciting, adventure filled life promised by enlistment into the world domineering Academy. 

Except in this world and all the rest, Fate truly is in charge of one's destiny, and She has weaved a very special strand in her Web for Kismet.


Life is not easy for Kismet. She's an orphan who has to deal with abuse and being ignored and unwanted most of the time. So, when Fate brings her to the Academy, she believes it can be different and maybe she could make friends. But, that's not what happens. When her four instructors don't seem to want anything to do with her, and she get's kicked out of her room things go from bad to worse. Not only that, but she has little time to be trained before the sorting starts and her life starts all over again. 

This book was an intriguing fantasy story filled with drama, adventure, and a whole lot of awesome.  I really enjoyed the main character and how she handled things. She was a very interesting character, and I enjoyed how she acted throughout the whole book. 

The only downside to the story was it felt like somethings weren't talked about much or really resolved. But, I'm looking forward to the next book now. 

Overall, this one was really good, and a great start to this series! 
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