Sunday, December 4, 2016

Title: Brokenly Found
Series: Faith#2
Author: Nikki Bolvair

Faith Iris Daniels or Daniels for short, had a shot at a real home life. Ahead in school, out of foster care and moved to a new town she thought she could start over, but when the past catches up with her and the feeling of being unwanted surfaces she does the only thing she feels she does best. She runs. 
Making the decision to go back to her hometown before anyone could send her there themselves, she realizes that she had made a big mistake. 


I felt groggy as fingers tightened on mine. "Daniels, please baby, wake up." A rough voice whispered. I opened my eyes to midnight blue ones. They were red and puffy as if he had been crying. 

He swept back my hair and let out a relief chuckle when he saw that my eyes had opened. "It's about time you woke up, baby." He leaned over to kiss my forehead and my lips. 

I pulled back confused. I took my hand from his and leaned away. 

His brows dipped. "Daniels?" 

I was scared. "Who are you?” 


Brokenly Found begins right after the first book ends. Daniels is running from the things she's learned, but she never imagined getting into an accident trying to get away, but that's what happens. Now, she's having problems remembering things, and she's unsure how to proceed with the information she learned, and with her guys. 

But, they won't let her give up and run, and her foster parents won't let her run either. She must now stand up for what she knows and believes before it is too late. 

This book was really good! I enjoyed it a lot more than the first one, and I was super excited about the progress that was made between Daniels and her guys. 
The plot line also hooked me and wouldn't let me go until the end. 

However, the only downside was the ending, and the fact that I must wait to read the next book! I'm super excited to read it though. 
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