Sunday, December 11, 2016

Title: Darkness Wanes
Series: The Sensor #6
Author: Susan Illene

Book Six of the Sensor Series—final installment. 

Melena Sanders is locked away in Purgatory, which is no vacation, but she’ll soon be returning to Alaska where troubles are mounting once again. Suspicious fires are breaking out, supernaturals are being attacked, and there’s an enemy lurking out there waiting for his chance to strike. Her lover, Lucas, is managing to hold their home together during her absence, but he’s more than ready for her to return. It will take the two of them working together, along with friends and family, to overcome the darkness that is about to unleash. 


Melena is in Purgatory, and Lucas is stuck in Alaska dealing with all the issues that were left behind. Both of them are having a hard time being away from the other, and things just keep getting worse when problems arise for Lucas, and Melena isn't treated very nice in hell. 

But, as the come back together, they must work hard to help take care of the issues that surround them like saving friends, getting rid of Melena's crazy brother, and raising a teenage girl. 

This book was really interesting, and I liked. It wasn't as good as previous books, but it was still interesting. I really enjoyed the things that happened between Melena and Lucas in this one. And I totally loved the ending as well. 

I'm sad to see this series end, but it was a nice ending. 
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