Sunday, December 11, 2016

Title: Blood Entwined
Series: Blood Enchanted #2
Author: Nicola Claire

Two hearts. Two souls. And they have chosen.

Ellie Durand had no idea what she was getting herself into when she agreed to leave her home in Auckland with Hakan Bahar, a Vampire Prince of Mhachkay. Telling herself that she’d do anything to help her twin brother, Luc, she blindly stepped through a portal to wherever the hell he was taking her. But no sooner had she arrived in Istanbul than the infuriatingly sexy vampire disappeared. Right after her brother. But Éliane is a Durand. And Durands don’t give up.

They also never show fear. Never give an inch. And always stay on guard.

Armed with a sword, two silver stakes and an attitude most would be wise to steer clear of; Ellie sets out to find both her brother and the vampire who has stolen her heart. But time is running out, her need to join to a kindred vampire is approaching, and more monsters are crawling out of the shadows, hunting Ellie.

Two hearts. Two souls. And they have chosen.

But what and who will Ellie choose and will it be enough to save her?


Blood Entwined is the sequel in the Blood Enchanted series, and Ellie is still searching for her brother. Unsure if she should really trust her father, or anyone else she's doing whatever she can to get to her brother, no matter what. 

The problem is she's uncovering lies along the way, and she's unsure who is really there to help her, and who isn't. 

This book was interesting, and enjoyable, but not as good as the first one. I really liked the plot line, and how dedicated Ellie was to saving her brother. 

But, I really didn't like how disconnected Ellie was from her mother and father. After reading the Kindred series, you would never get the impression that Lucinda would treat her daughter that way, so that's slightly disappointing. 

But, the thing that bugged me the most was Ellie is suppose to be super powerful, but she doesn't act like it, and it seems like most people feel like Lucinda is more powerful than Ellie, but in the first one it gave the impression that Ellie was more powerful than of them, and that would make more sense. But, she sure didn't show it through most of this book, but towards the end she got better so that was good. 

I look forward to reading more, and seeing where Ellie's story takes us next. 

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