Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Title: Of Gods and Wolves
Series: The Godhunter #2
Author: Amy Sumida

Vervain Lavine finally has a moment to relax. She's defeated Aphrodite, taking back the magic that the goddess stole from humans. Now Vervain holds the powers of Love, Sex, War, and Victory inside her but she's not really sure if that makes her a goddess. She is fairly certain that she's still mortal but her new immortal boyfriend, Thor doesn't seem to be worried about it.
What he is worried about is Vervain's bond to a werewolf Prince and the fact that said Prince is the first-born son of Fenrir, the Wolf God. Then there's the minor issue of a Harvest goddess whose daughter Vervain liberated and the angry Aztec god who hasn't been seen since the last time Vervain ruined his plans to launch the next world war.
All valid arguments for concern but Vervain can't afford to waste her time worrying. When you're a mortal witch trying to keep up with gods, every moment is precious. So she tries to laugh off her anxieties instead, "Let them plan and plot against me. The best laid schemes of gods and wolves oft go awry."


Of Gods and Wolves begins with Vervain trying her best to deal with taking a goddess's powers. She and Thor are going strong except for her being bonded to a werewolf that is. But, when she's thrown to the wolves things might get a little bit harder for the two of them. 

This book was a great sequel to this series. I really enjoyed Vervain and how she acted. I also couldn't believe all the stuff that happened with Thor, it was crazy and I was a little sad at times, but I got over it. 

Now, I cannot wait for the next one. 
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