Saturday, November 26, 2016

Title: My Soul to Take
Series: Godhunter #18
Author: Amy Sumida

The Award-Winning Godhunter Series continues! 
With the birth of her twins, the Godhunter has begun a new phase of her life. Unfortunately, this phase may be her last if she doesn't figure out how to fix her shattered star. And then Yemanja, a goddess Vervain owes her life to, comes to her for help. Vodou practitioners are being murdered, their souls summoned back to earth and forced into slavery. Now the Godhunter must save those taken souls while she searches for a way to save herself. 


Vervain has given birth not long ago, and now she must deal with some weird Vodou practitioners being murdered. She will help out her friend to save these souls, and keep her boys safe as well, but she feels like they are needed in this instance. 

This was another great addition to the Godhunter series. She now has those twin little boys that she must get used to leaving even though to them it doesn't seem like she's gone at all. 

I really enjoyed this one, and I loved some of the stuff that happened with Vervain! I can't wait to see her have all of her children, that will be so exciting! 
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