Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Title: Magic Edge
Series: Dragon Born Alexandria #1
Author: Ella Summers

Mercenary mage Alex Dering has spent most of her life killing deadly monsters for only peanuts in return—until the world’s most legendary immortal hires her for a prestigious assignment in Europe. In return for hunting down misbehaving supernaturals, he’s going to pay her a boatload of cash.

But a straightforward slash and burn extermination in Zurich gets a whole lot more complicated for Alex when a gang of vampires steals one piece of a magical artifact that, once assembled, has the power to kill every supernatural in the city. Well out of her depth, she’s forced into a precarious partnership with a notorious assassin, a man as seductive as he is deadly. With a band of killers hot on their trail, Alex has no choice but to trust him—even if that trust could expose her most guarded secret.


This story begins when Alex must help find some magical orbs before the enemies of the supernaturals use it to destroy magic in the world.  She must figure out what’s really going on and who’s in charge before it is too late. And with the help of an assassin things may turn out in her favor if she doesn’t get herself killed that is.

This book was a good start to this series. It was very intriguing and had a lot of action, and some romance as well.
I enjoyed the heroine a lot, and I thought she was pretty fierce and had a great sarcastic personality.
I look forward to reading more in this series. 
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