Saturday, November 26, 2016

Title: Light as a Feather
Series: Godhunter #14
Author: Amy Sumida

Magic has no weight. It has no volume or substance. The most powerful of magics can be housed in something as light as a feather... and it is. 
One black and one white. The two magic feathers of Tobadzistsini and Nayenezgani, twin Navajo gods. The white feather holds the power to heal all wounds and black can vanquish all enemies. Together they are virtually unstoppable but for the Godhunter the real difficulty will be deciding whether to fight the Navajo gods or join them.
It all comes down to the color of Vervain's convictions. Although the feathers are black and white, her choices have all blurred to gray and choosing the wrong shade could mean the extermination of an entire race. 


In this one, Vervain is kidnapped again. But, this time it's not only torture she must endure, it's also being given memories of a woman long dead. Now, she must try to figure out away out of this fog before she's completely taken over by someone else. 

This was a great addition this series, it really brings together the people who care about Vervain, and it also shows that even though she's powerful things can still go terribly wrong for her. She did her best though, and I truly admired her spirit in this one. And I was sad a lot as well because of what was done to her, but I enjoyed the ending a great deal. 
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