Saturday, November 26, 2016

Title: Here There Be Dragons
Series: Twilight Court Series #4
Author: Amy Sumida

From the soaring spires of Castle Unseelie to the grandeur of the Court of the Nine Sons, Seren Firethorn seems destined to encounter dragons. But even surrounded by the fierce fairies, it's her uncle, the Unseelie King, who truly troubles her. Under the sea, manipulated by politics and plots, Seren strives to discover what Uisdean is really after. But each truth only reveals another layer of lies, creating a knot so tangled only dragon claws could sever it. 


Seren has been doing her best to give her uncle Uisdean the benefit of the doubt, but when he asks her to accompany him to see the dragons. She thinks nothing good will come of this, and she's right. But, she never would have imagined what he decided to do. 

Now, she will have not only dragons angry with her, but more people as well. 

This was a great addition to this series, and it seems like it may start up a reverse-harem, which is awesome. But, I felt a little bad for Seren at times. It felt like she kept being pushed in several different directions. 

I'm so excited for more in this series, and I hope it comes out soon! 
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