Friday, November 25, 2016

Title: Forsaken
Series: Broken City #2
Author: Jessica Sorensen

After Reece, Ryder, and Blaise rescued me from the channels, I thought my imprisoned fate had changed. But during our journey back to the station, we’re captured by the Forsaken.

The Forsaken are known for killing their prisoners, but a fate much worse than death is waiting for us at their camp. If we want to survive, we’ll have to find a way to escape. 

But the leader of the Forsaken won’t let me out of her sight. She’s convinced I’m a hybrid and is determined to prove it by forcing me to take a test. A test I’m not sure I can pass.


Allura is kidnapped again, but this time so are the three guys who have been helping take care of her. The Forsaken have been proven to kill people for no reason, and now they have taken her and think she's a hybrid. The will force her to take a test that she's not sure she will pass. 

This book was okay. I was a little annoyed with the things that went on, but it was interesting to pass the time with. And, I really liked Allura and the guys' relationship. 
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