Monday, November 21, 2016

Title: A Fey Harvest
Series: The Godhunter #9
Author: Amy Sumida

The second book in the Godhunter series split, A Fey Harvest can be read alone or in conjunction with Harvest of the Gods. A Fey Harvest is set entirely in the Faerie Realm but if you wish, you may follow Vervain from A Fey Harvest to Harvest of the Gods by switching books whenever Vervain declares that she's off to the God Realm and then switching back when she returns. This way, you may experience events as she does. Or you may read the books independently and enjoy each story separately. Just be sure to read Harvest of the Gods first. After five-hundred years, the Faerie Realm is open once more. A shaky truce has been made between the gods and the fey and hope has begun to grow for a peaceful future between all races. Vervain Lavine, Godhunter and now Faerie Queen, desperately wants the truce to work. Her life and loves in both realms depend on it but now faeries have gone missing and an unknown magic seems to be involved. Someone is harvesting the fey and it's up to Vervain to show them what a bitter and deadly fruit faeries can be.


This book can be read by itself or in conjunction with the previous book. I really thought this one was good and I enjoyed the way it was written. Vervain had to deal with a lot in this one and she was willing to so everything she could to protect her people even if it put herself in danger. 

I can't wait to read more of this series.
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