Saturday, November 26, 2016

Title: Fallen Elemental 
Series: Evelyn Storm #1
Author: Tamara White

I thought I was human. I thought I could finish school, leave my abusive parents and my old life behind. I was wrong. I’m an elemental and I can use not just one element but all of them. That’s not all though, I can control lightning. No elemental is able to control lightning but I'm not just any elemental. A prophecy has marked me as the ultimate power. 


Fallen Elemental begins when Evie attracts the attention from the new boys at school. She's never really had any friends before and it's unusual that they pay attention to her. 
She has a horrible home life, and she feels that since she's turning 18 soon that maybe it is time for her to have friends. 

But, when secrets come out, it may not be as simple as she once thought. 

This book was actually very good, well the story was really good. And the characters were great! I loved that part of it, but it seriously needs to be edited. And some of the writing adjusted a little bit to make it a little easier to read, but other than that this has the potential to a really great series. 
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