Saturday, October 1, 2016

Title: Meet Kaya
Series: American Girls: Kaya #1
Author: Janet Beeler Shaw

Kaya dreams of racing her beautiful mare Steps High. Her father warns her that the horse isn't ready, but when a pesky boy insults Steps High, Kaya accepts his challenge to race. As they ride, Kaya loses sight of her little brothers. Her carelessness earns her a nickname that her friends won't let her forget.


Meet Kaya is about a young girl who lives in 1764 as a Native American. She’s proud of her horse that she loves, and can’t wait to show everyone how great she is. However, things happen to Kaya and she ends up being made fun of.

Now, she will try to figure out how to make that stop happening while continuing with her work and chores helping her family and friends.

This book was really interesting. It was neat to read about this little girl, and her struggle with a mean nickname, and the rest of her family. I really liked the “Courting Dance” as well that was pretty cool.

Overall I liked this one, but it wasn’t really great. It was nice to pass the time with and I look forward to reading more about Kaya! 
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