Saturday, October 1, 2016

Title: Meet Josefina
Series: American Girls: Josefina #1
Illustrator: Jean-Paul Tibbles & Susan McAliley
Author: Valerie Tripp

Josefina Montoya is growing up on a rancho near Santa Fe, New Mexico, in 1824. Ever since Mama died a year before, Josefina and her three sisters have been struggling to carry on without her. One bright fall day, happy news arrives--their beloved grandfather is returning home after a long trading trip. Josefina knows that he will bring exciting stories and wonderful treasures from his journey. But this time he brings something more--a great surprise that Josefina and her sisters never even dreamed of!"


Josefina is a young girl growing up on a ranch with her father, and sisters. Her mother has been dead a year, and she and her family are still trying to get used to it. But, it’s been difficult, however, she does have her sisters to help her.
This one is mainly about how Josefina feels now without her mother, and her grandfather coming to visit and bringing a surprise with him.

I liked this one, but it was not nearly as good as some of the other books. I don’t think I will read any more about Josefina, but it was an interesting story. And it was good to see her stand up to the goat at one point and time. 
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