Friday, October 28, 2016

Title: Hell or High Water
Series: Gemini #3
Author: Hailey Edwards

Camille Ellis has gone rogue agent, and there’s no turning back now. The conclave might have put the Charybdis case to bed, but Cam isn’t willing to let it lie. No badge doesn’t mean no backup these days. 

As mate to an alpha warg, she has access to new and lethal resources. A whole pack full of them. And they all want justice for the sins committed against them. 

But the stakes are higher than she knows, the secrets exposed darker than she feared, and the cost of winning higher than she ever imagined. 


Cam is back, but this time she's not working for the conclave. She's a mated alpha pair to a warg pack, and she's still going to figure out what this killer is really after, and how to fix it. 

However, as she keeps working towards her goal, things get more and more messed up, and some dark secrets from her past come to light. Now, Cam doesn't know which was is up or down, or what the next move is. But, she must work hard in order to figure it out before the killer gets exactly what he wants. 

This book was not as good as the previous book. I hated how Cam had to go off without Cord, and I also really didn't like the things that happened towards the end. It really bothered me, and I'm not sure if I will read much more in this series. 
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