Friday, October 28, 2016

Title: Head Above Water
Series: Gemini #2
Author: Hailey Edwards

Camille Ellis has tracked many killers during her career,but this time it's personal. Cut off from conclave resources, she won't let a small thing like a suspension keep her from accepting Cord Graeson's offer of help.

Pretending to be mated to him is one way to secure allies, but the best that can be said of the Chandler Pack is they haven't killed or eaten her. Yet. Between the alpha's displeasure and the pack's distrust of fae, she's working overtime to keep her head above water.

Just when the fur starts to fly, a tip cracks her case--and her life--wide open.


In the second book in the Gemini series, Cam is invited by Cord to his pack to help her keep looking for the killer. The problem is she must pretend to be "mated" to him, and it seems that a lot of people from his pack don't like the idea of him with an outsider. 

As Cam seems to come to the conclusion she must fight for Cord, so he can have a mate he wants, she also realizes what she really feels for him. And as the plot thickens things get a little bit more hectic for Came. 

This book was really good! It was a great sequel to the first one, and it really brought to us the differences between Cord and Cam, but it also brought them together as well. I thoroughly enjoyed this one, and I cannot wait to read more. 
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