Sunday, September 18, 2016

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Hey fellow Shooting Stars!! 

This week was a very long week! We went to the fair that was in town which was a lot of fun. 

But, my son had to miss school again because he STILL has Strep even after taking all of his meds. So, now we are going to try stronger meds to hopefully get rid of all his stuff. And now, I'm starting to feel sick with a soar throat. 

This is not fun let me tell you. 

However, there was a new surprise cover reveal from one of my favorite authors Tijan. She has a new book coming sometime next year I believe and it was a complete surprise because no one knew anything about it. I was excited to participate in that reveal. 

Also, there were a lot more giveaways, and I read some great books this week. 

I'm sort of going back to the past in some ways by reading The American Girl Collection, I read those when I was a little girl, and now I'm reading them again and I love them so far. 

I'm also reviewing some of the books my kid reads in school, and I get them from the library and read to him at home. I figured I'm having a hard time trying to decide what books I want to read to him, so I will review the ones I have read to let other parents know what I thought was good, and what my son enjoyed and what he didn't. 

All right everyone have a great week! 

Until the Stars Align Again, 
Shooting Stars Reviews. 

~Last Week~


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  1. Oh no, I hope everybody feels better soon. Strep sucks! Looks like you had a busy bloggy week and I think Hush looks interesting. Thanks for sharing and have a great week!

  2. I think it's nice to go back sometimes and read comfort reads from childhood. I did that with a few Hardy Boys books a year or two ago. While I wouldn't want to read all of them lol it was nice to revisit them.

  3. Oh strep is terrible!! Hopefully he gets to feeling better soon. I ADORE Tijan and everything she writes. I can't wait for her next book!
    Hopefully your son gets better with the new medicine!

  4. Shandy Jo, thanks for stopping by! I hope he feels better too. And you should try Hush if you like the thriller types!

  5. I totally understand what you mean, Greg.

  6. Thanks, Samantha! I love Tijan as well. I'm excited for her new reveal! I can't wait to read the new book she has coming out.


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