Thursday, September 1, 2016

Title: A Witch's Fury
Series: The Succubus Executioner #3
Author: Kim Schubert

Olivia is an exceptionally talented killer with a dark past and a questionable future. As the head Executioner for the Supernatural Council of the eastern United States, she patrols her territory delivering justice and death without remorse.

The witches are playing at contacting the Fae; using power-hungry portals that can only be paid in blood.

Blake’s ‘family problems’ have come full circle, leaving Olivia no choice but to honor her past agreements.

Her relationships will be tested, threatening all she has carefully built.

The dark secret of what she is constructed of, will no longer be ignored and she will struggle to understand her new abilities.


A Witch's Fury starts with the witches trying to contact the fae. Olivia knows this is a horrible thing to happen, and she also knows she will do everything in her power to keep it from happening.

When Blake's secrets come to a head, and Olivia gets hurt in the process things get even more complicated for her. Especially when she gets pulled into more vampire drama, and of course, their is still shifter problems to deal with as well. 

And after Logan finds out some things about his "fiance" he soon realizes that she's not the one for him. 

Olivia and Logan get close to each other in this book and I loved that! I love the idea of these two together. They make a perfect couple, and I can't wait to see what will happen between them in the next few books. 

This one was filled with so much stuff going on. And it made me hate Blake even more. I can't stand him and I really wish he had been staked. 
Wishful thinking for later books in the series.

This book also made me cry, laugh, and get super pissed. But, I really liked it a whole lot. I think this series gets better and better with each new book. I'm obsessed with this series! 
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