Monday, September 5, 2016

Title: The Wilds
Series: The Wilds #1
Author: Donna Augustine

My name is Dahlia but I’m called a Plaguer, a person who survived the Bloody Death. When the virus first hit the world, it ravaged the human race. I thought I was lucky to survive it but survival comes at a cost. Ever since the sickness, I see things and I’m hunted for these visions. 

Some seek me out because they want to keep their secrets safe. They don’t want the world to know the truth of what they are. Others, like Dax, want my knowledge. Dax has secrets of his own but as long as he helps me evade the Dark Walkers, he can keep them. 

This book is for all the Plaguers, the truth sayers branded and marked as liars, often hunted and sometimes forgotten. This book is for the girl who was right.


The Wilds begins with Dal living in a compound for 14 years. This is all she's known for so long, and she knows this is not what she wants for the rest of her life, she plans to get it. But, one night Dax ends up breaking her out of there, however, she will do everything she can to go back and save her friends as well. But, Dax also wants to use her and she can't make it out in the Wilds alone. 

So, Dal does what she can to help Dax, while he helps her learn how to use her magic, and fight. But, these two have a lot more problems to deal with especially when Dal doesn't understand the most basic social aspects, and she doesn't understand Dax at all. 

This book was pretty good. I really enjoyed the whole plot line, and I loved learning about Dal's abilities, and how she handled things. I thought that was really awesome. 

This was a great start to this series, and I can't wait to read more. It had a lot of suspenseful moments, and of course, a lot of chemistry between Dax and Dal, and it also had some action too. 
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