Saturday, September 24, 2016

Title: Skylark 
Series: Sarah, Plain and Tall #2
Author: Patricia MacLachlan

My mother, Sarah,
doesn't love the prairie.
She tries, but she can't help
remembering what she knew first.

Sarah came to the prairie from Maine to marry Papa. But that summer, a drought turned the land dry and brown. Fires swept across the fields and coyotes came to the well in search of water. So Sarah took Anna and Caleb back east, where they would be safe. Papa stayed behind. He would not leave his land.
Maine was beautiful, but Anna missed home, and Papa. And as the weeks went by, she began to wonder what would happen if the rains never came. Would she and Caleb and Sarah and Papa ever be a family again?


Skylark begins with Sarah, and her new family enjoying the time they have together. However, as time goes on the rain stops coming. People around them are packing up and moving away. But, Papa’s whole life is on his farm and he won’t leave it. Sarah, Caleb, and Anna will have to endure the dry days and keep wishing for rain.

This book was just as good as the first one. I adored the relationship between the whole family, and I loved how even when times got hard they did their best to keep up beat and keep going.

I also really enjoyed the ending in this one as well. It was a sweet happy ending that still has me wanting more! 
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