Sunday, September 18, 2016

Title: Meet Felicity: An American Girl
Series: American Girls: Felicity #1
Author: Valerie Tripp
Illustrator: Dan Andreasen

Meet Felicity Merriman, a spirited nine-year-old girl who lives in Williamsburg, Virginia, in 1774, just before the Revolutionary War. She's impatient with "sitting down kinds of things," like stitchery or writing. She'd rather ride horses! That's why Felicity is so excited to hear about a new horse in town. she falls in love with the copper-colored mare and names her Penny. But Penny is owned by a cruel man who beats his animals. When Penny's life is in danger, Felicity knows she must help.


Meet Felicity begins with Felicity going to the store in town that her father owns and runs. She would rather help out in the store then have to go home and help with baking or sewing. But, that's what she must do for now. However, when she over hears that the mean man in town got a new horse she wants to take a look at it. 

And when she does she falls in love with the horse, but she also sees that the horse is being mistreated, and Felicity will do whatever it takes to help get the horse away from that vile man. 

This book was one of the BEST I've read of the American girl collection so far. I adored Felicity, she's such a strong willed, impatient, kind  little girl with a whole lot of guts as well. I also really loved the story in this one more than some of the others that I've read. 

Now, I can't wait to read more of Felicity's stories! 
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